Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Family

The Family, also known as Children of God, Family of Love or Family Internatinal are a Christian organisation, started in the US in 1968 they have now spread worldwide.

The Family encourage their members to have a 'intimate, sexual relationship with jesus'. They encourage members to imagine they are having sex with jesus while having sex or masterbating. Here are some of the things they suggest followers say to jesus while fucking him.

I want You, need You, desire You, yearn for You ...
I want You to kiss me, caress me, touch me ...
I love Your kisses, caresses, touches, Words of love, seeds ...
Come! I'm here for You.
Oh please, I want You!
I want Your seeds.
My darling. My sweetheart. My precious Love. My Bridegroom.
Come and lie in the bed of love with me.
I want to be in love with You, Jesus.
Come to Me, Jesus! Be here with me and love me. Let's hold each other and say words of love to each other.
Come to my bed, come to my arms, come to my kisses, to my lips!
Come into me, I want to be one with You.
Kiss me, caress me, love me, fill me completely.
I want to lie in Your arms.
Hold me, I love You. Come fill me.
I want to woo You, Jesus, and to be wooed by You.
I want You inside of me! Give me Your seeds.
I want to make You happy by kissing You, and by loving You in whatever way You wish.
Your wonderful touches and kisses make me happy.
Please satisfy me.
I want Your kisses.
I kiss You.
Touch me, love me. I want to be one with You.
I'm open for You.
Fill me.
I surrender to You, Jesus. I'm all Yours. Take hold of me.
I need You, Jesus. I want You, Jesus. Hold me.
You excite me, Jesus, and I want to feel Your love. I want to excite You, too!
Jesus, You're the Lover of all lovers.
Teach me how to love You.
I love You so much, my dear Darling, my wonderful Sweetheart and marvelous Lover, my faithful Husband!
I'm Yours and I'm one with You, Jesus.
I'm in love with You as My Lover, My Husband and My Bridegroom!
I'm all Yours, and I give You everything.
You make me feel so good.

I'm all naked for You, Jesus, and desperate for Your love! Come to me.
I want to enjoy You, Jesus, to look at You, to taste You, to feel You, to fuck You!
I've got to have You in my arms. I've got to feel Your naked body pressed to mine.
I'm getting so hot for You! I've got to have Your lips on mine!
You turn me on!
Your touch is so tender, it makes me feel so loved, so secure, so warm, so wanted.
You're beautiful, Jesus, and so sexy--sexier than I ever dreamed--so handsome, so naked and so hard!
You draw me near, and my heart skips a beat. I tremble under Your touch.
Your touch melts me. It moves me, stimulates me, sends me.
Touch me through the hands that You made. Possess me!
I'm really getting horny for You, Jesus.
I want to feel all Your love and all Your passion!
Jesus, show me what I can do to You to make You feel good.
I want to excite You and give You pleasure and satisfy You, as You excite and please and satisfy me.
Jesus, I'll do anything for You. I'll do anything to give You pleasure. Let me satisfy You. Teach me what You like best.
I want to show You how hot and horny and passionate I am for You!
I want to enjoy You. I take pleasure in caressing You, kissing You, fondling You.
I want to know You completely--every inch of You.
I want to kiss You everywhere.
I want to suck Your penis. I want to suck Your seeds!
I'm wild about You! I'm crazy about Your penis!
My pussy is excited for You, Jesus!
I'm juicy for You.
I'm prepared, Jesus. I'm wet. I'm wanting You.
I'm so excited and I'm so horny for You, Jesus!
I want to feel the ecstasies of Your love!
You've got to fuck me now!
Yes, yes, I want more! I want more than words. I want more than spiritual communications! I want to feel it, I want to know it, in my heart and in my body and in my spirit.
I can't wait any longer!--I'm overcome with desire for You, for Your penis, for Your seeds.
I can't wait. I've got to have You, Jesus! Your love excites me! I've got to have You inside me!
I crave You, Jesus. I'm hot for You! My legs are spread to receive Your penis! Enter into me! Give me Your seeds.
I'm desperate for Your big, hard penis! I crave it, because I want Your seeds!
I need Your penis! I need to feel You explode inside me, giving me Your seeds!
I receive Your love, Lord, with open arms and open legs and a receptive heart.
I'm Yours. I give myself to You in complete surrender, for Your pleasure. Do whatever You want with me.
Come into me, Jesus. Fuck me. Make me go, Jesus!
Fuck me! Take me!
Hurry, Jesus! I need You now.
Fuck me long and hard and deep. I want to feel You in the very heart of me. Longer, harder, deeper!
I can't get enough of You. I have to have all of You!
Come, Jesus! Oh please, come!
I can't do without Your seeds. Please give them to me!
Yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck me! Don't stop! Don't stop! I want You! I need You! Give me Your seeds!
Fill me with Your seeds. Flood me with Your seeds. Explode in me!
Give me more, more, more. Don't stop until I have every drop of Your love, every one of Your seeds.
It feels so good to have You inside me, Jesus! I've never known such pleasure, such ecstasy.
Jesus, I'm lost in Your love. With every thrust of Your penis You take me higher and higher.
Don't stop! Don't ever stop fucking me! Let this thrill, this ecstasy, go on and on and on and on forever!
Your penis drives me wild. I'm out of control, but don't stop!
I went for You.
Oh my Darling, my Darling, how I love to fuck You! How I love to be fucked by You!
I've never known such joy and satisfaction as this!
Jesus, You're the best! No other love can compare.
Thank You for wanting me, for desiring me, for exciting me. Thank You for wanting to fuck me and become one with me and give me Your seeds.
Thank You for giving Yourself to me so freely, so completely. Thank You for letting me explore Your naked body in all its majesty--to hold You, to kiss You, to suck You, to fuck You.
You're so wonderful!

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