Tuesday, 18 November 2008


eat my fuck

Middle Class

Yet another life long unknown track came to me recently. Id heard this on a fucking Snakeboard (yes remember them??) video about 15 years ago, it also had bad brains, dead kennedys, Regan Youth and Minor Threat so it wasnt all bad. But i never had a clue who this was. Turns out this 7inch is credited with being one of the first hardcore records ever recorded. First track is so good!

Butthole Surfers

When i was about 14 my friend had this snowboard/ skate video called Creatures of Habit 2. It had this amazing song on it and at the time i didnt think to look who it was. The video disappeared years ago and last Saturday night some one played this at a show and after 14 years i found out who it was. Totally awesome song.